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This game is awesome! I can't wait for the full release! I really enjoy games that are hard and challenging, but rewarding.

I can't open the game in linux 64 bits

I seriously enjoyed this game. My only gripe about it was how hard it got after the third save statue. The difficulty seriously spiked! I would have preferred a regular HP system with hearts, or at least a method that ensured I had a better chance of winning. I admit, I have yet to get past either boss lol... I'll continue playing! Please keep making this game its really cool! And thanks for sharing the Godot project files! I'm pretty new to game development with interests in 2D sidescrollers like this. BRB getting my ass kicked by some magic summoning cats!

Hello! Thanks for the encouragement :) I'm glad you had fun with the game.

The game is (sadly) on a hiatus, but I'll do my best to resume development an soon as possible.

Good luck with your game development learning.

Excellent work!


Thank you! More will come eventually :)


So glad the project is on github and here - as Godot has been switching forums more often than making stable releases ;)

fantastic project is very nice. Graphic pixel art beautiful, clean and smooth animation. A masterpiece! you have abandoned this project?

I have some questions, please answer:

1. - The project is open source?

2. - If Dolphin Island 2 is open source, I would like to collaborate in its development, Godot Engine is fantastic, they are being studied with this engine, and I can make my contribution even now. I'm 39 years old and since 1984 I dedicate myself to this passion very Python 3 use, GD script is very similar in language.

3. - If you have abandoned this project, you can publish it with the MIT license, GPL, BSD? I intend to develop it in time, I do not want Dolphin Island 2 die. This project deserves to be developed with love and passion.

Thanks for the attention! if you can contact me at my address:

Thanks so much!

Sent mail and updated info on the game page :) thanks!

The 64 bit Mac version is a .exe. Also I am unable to use my 360 controller running the 32 bit version.

Hi! I just checked and the 64bit Mac version is indeed a dot app. downloads can sometimes get funky, try downloading it again! If the controller still doesn't work there, let me know. I can try building the game with a different version of the engine to see if it helps.

Isn't working on my windows computer for some reason. It can't execute and go to the game. Am I missing something?

Do you have an older VGA internal card? It doesn't work on older pcs for that reason.

If that's not the case, let me know!

I tried this out on OS X, but it doesn't seem to pick up my 360 controller - is there anything extra I need to do to get it recognized?

Hey! I don't have any OSX machines to test it, so I can't really tell :( it should work without any extra configuration. Sorry!

All good! At least I know I'm not missing anything. Thanks!


the game keeps crashing when started windows 7 64 bit

Hi! Do you have an integrated graphics card by any chance?


Older integrated video cards are not supported by the engine, this may be the reason. OpenGL 2.1 is required and even then some old VGA cards that do support 2.1 still crash.

Sorry, can't really do anything about it! :( Maybe try in another OS or machine if possible?

i will try it on another computer :) ps android version and ios

The demo was very good. Will this be available on Steam? A few things I would like to see are boss music and better mobility (Aisha can't crouch, dodge, or dash).

Also wall jumping and parring projectiles back to attackers would be cool. You can add a stamina meter so these moves aren't spammed.

Hey! Thanks for reaching out :)

No word yet on platforms, we'll decide on that once the game is ready.

For this version we didn't have a musician (the music was actually procedurally generated) so on the music department we should be better now. We're still on the creative rework to pry away from Kokosac's IP, but the combat has significantly been changed as well. Dodges and parries are being considered, but nothing final yet.